Jutsus Creation Template

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Jutsus Creation Template

Post by Jiraiya on Wed Aug 06, 2008 4:17 am

If your making a costom jutsus i would reccommend you use the template below.By using this Template it allow's the Moderater's to understand what your trying to make.

Basic Jutsu's Creation Template

Name:(Name of your jutsus..)
Rank:(The rank of your jutsus)
Element:What is the Elememt of your jutsu..For Example Water,Fire,Wind, and Earth)
Desription:(What is the discription of your jutsus)

Summoning Jutsu's Template

Name:(Please out the Name of your Summoning Jutsu..)
Rank:(The rank of your jutsus)
Description:(Tell us a little bit of info about this jutsu..)
Looks:(Put the picture of your jutsu or give an short discription of what it looks like)..

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