new jutsu for shuhan

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new jutsu for shuhan

Post by cruzazul313 on Mon Aug 25, 2008 4:56 pm

Name:ligning fist
Desription:while doing the right hand signs and concentrating your chakra on your hands your chakra will take a lighting form around your hands. If u punch the opponent the chakra will seen a major shock to wherever you punched at. If punched on chest or were major organs lay may cause severe damage or even death

name: lightning sword
description:while doing the right hand signs your chakra will take a sword form. This is considered one of the most powerful swords. The sword will send bolts of electric cruet if touched by opponent. This sword can cut trough anything.

name: lightning kuni
element: lightning
description: while consitrating chakra on your wepon the chakra will take an eletrical curent form. when trown it will unlshe 10 times more damage

name: chakra bomb
description:while doing the right hand signs position your arms in the air. It would take several minutes to reach max energy. The chakra ball will grow as it gets more energy. This will take a lot of energy out of you this move is conceded a finisher mostly because few who have been hit with this have lived to tell the tail

Description- while doing the right hand signs position your hands in a wrist to wrist position. A circle of chakra will be created between your palms when the energy of the blast is at the max amount point it towards the opponent and energy beam will be unleashed.
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