Training - Ultima Gates of Power - [Invite only]

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Training - Ultima Gates of Power - [Invite only]

Post by Toshiro Azibara Kazura on Sat Aug 23, 2008 8:33 pm

Within the darkest hour of the night, a cool breeze passed over the darkened area of the outside of the Akatsuki HQ, the moon shining brightly overhead, showing his shaded body with the akatsuki cloak around him, thinking to himself, 'i should be getting back to the others, i hope the shadow clone with hopefully fool them into thinking I'm there, but i have to train, to get stronger and fulfill my destiny' he finished thinking, his left palm moving outwards of his cloak, showing a fingerless glove on his palm. As his right palm moved outwards of the cloak, he slammed them together in a motion of a clap, "Seki Ronton! Gate of Chaos!" he began, knowing the sacrifice of the gates limits upon his body, "Kai!"he shouted, then forming the needed hand seal for the Kage Bunshin, creating hundreds of clones around him, "Now, It's time to see who i really am!!" he shouted into the air, all of his clones forming a giant barricade of a circle around him, "Ranmyaku..." the clones all started saying, and his won words saying, massive amounts of chakra forming within the ground, beginning to raise small rocks in the circle, all of the clones vanishing in a moment, "Shitsunen!!" he shouted. As the words were said, a surge of white lightning raged down from the heavens above him, shattering the ground under it's impacted movement, a giant crater in it's clearing of dust. 'Not enough' he began to think, 'i need more power in order to become stronger!' he finished, forming another hand seal to a surge of chakra.
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