Training - Celestial Gates Unlocked - [Ask to Join]

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Training - Celestial Gates Unlocked - [Ask to Join]

Post by Kitatsu Hyuuga on Sat Aug 23, 2008 2:41 pm

((I'm training outside the akatsuki HQ out deep in the woods))
Kitatsu wandered into woods wondering what to do. He yawned before stretching and getting into a battle position. A practice dummy popped up, and Ket punched it, then followed with eight more punches, and doing a spinning kick, breaking the dummy in half. Then he got bored after destroying even more dummies. Ket got a good idea, and made 60 shadow clones. Then without warning they all came at Kitatsu ready to attack. Ket punched the first one in the gut before throwing him into another one causing them both to disappear. They kept coming again, and Ket got punched a first time, then a second, then he was getting beat down by the many clones surrounding him. "Enough!" he shouted as he opened the first celestial gate for the first time. He then performed a leaf whirlwind knocking ten clones off their feet before punching all ten of them in the stomach with quick agility, and great accuracy. He nodded as each of the remaining 20 clones made 3 more clones making it 60 clones. He couldn't hold them off for long, and he then opened the second celestial gate, the Rest gate. "Now..." he said punching with powerful force and speed destroying two clones a second. He then fired kicks in all directions destroying even more clones until there were only 6 clones left. He was now ready as all of the clones came at him. He jumped high into the air before spinning in a circle, his leg out. He kicked all of the clones each in the side of the head destroying them. He panted a bit before standing straight up. "What was that..." he muttered under his breath. Suddenly kunai fired from all directions. Ket swiftly pulled out a steel dagger and blocked all of the kunai. Six missing ninja then walked from the woods staring at Ket, with an evil look. "Hey, hey, hey... it's dangerous for a little kid like you to be out here, all alone." one missing ninja said laughing. "Yeah, you might get hurt." another one said as they began to circle Ket, like tigers circling their prey. "Ha, incase you didn't know. I'm an Akatsuki member. I'll rip you all up, limb from limb." Ket said laughing evilly, and sort of insanely. All of the missing ninja then shot at him, each with a kunai out. "Yeah right, little boy!" one shouted, but Ket simply flipped backwards out of the way, but a kunai was now sticking out of his back. "What the...!" he shouted as a kunai was stuck in his back. It had been thrown from the woods. He snatched it out and threw it aside. "So there are more?" he asked laughing. "A lot more..." the missing ninja said. "Very well..." Kitatsu said as his skin turned a shade of red and chakra surrounded his body. He had opened the third gate, the life gate. "Your going down!" he shouted as he ran with so much speed, none of the missing ninja knew it when they fell forward dead with a dagger stabbed through their hearts. Then 10 or 11 more missing ninja ran out into the open at Kitatsu, each performing handsigns. "Your all going to die here!" Ket shouted jumping high in the air as the missing ninja shot a jet of fire from each of their mouths meeting each other where Ket had just been standing. Ket activated his Byakugan and landed back on the ground as the missing ninja surrounded him, and began to beat him up badly. Ket tried to endure it, and exploded with rage as chakra filled the air around him. He then opened the Fourth Celestial Gate, the Wound Gate. "AGH!!!" he shouted as all of the missing ninja began to get punched away from him. He had a few kunai stabbed into him, and he was pretty beat up. The kunai flew out of his body as he exerted chakra and executing a palm rotation, knocking the rest of the missing ninja unconscious. "Now I'm Mad!!" Ket shouted evilly. Even more missing ninja ran from the woods at him. "Damn it! How many of you, are there!" Kitatsu shouted punching one in the chest and tossing him aside and doing the same to a few others and kicking another in the face knocking him into the woods. Fire erupted and it was shot at Ket, but he performed another palm rotation blocking the attack. Fire was engulfing the area quickly. He was a long way from the Akatsuki HQ. The missing ninja laughed from all directions. Ket looked around as he was punched from all directions. He began to bleed and he was getting beat up. He ducked dodging one punch, then catching another punch and tossing the man who through it into the air. He then jumped out of the flames and opened the fifth gate, the Limit Gate. "I'm going to defeat you!" he shouted as he could no longer be seen and in seconds there were about 60 missing ninja laying around the spot dead. Ket panted hard before taking off back to the Akatsuki HQ, and hurtling towards it, and entering. As soon as he got in, he made it to his room and passed out forward on his bed.
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