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Kyuudaime Jutsus

Post by Kyuudaime on Fri Aug 22, 2008 11:52 am

Name: Black Sun
Rank: S
Element:Fire, Earth (Sand)

Description: This jutsu was utilized by the Kyuudaime Kazekage. Though it was created by him, it takes nearly all of his chakra to use, and puts unimaginable strain on his body. After the use of this jutsu the Kyuudaime will be at his most weakest state, to a point even where a Genin has a chance to kill him. As a trump card the Kyuudaime will do a long series of handsigns, then he will manipulate the Sand from within the ground to form Gigantic Sand ball in the air, blocking the Sun/or Moon ("Suna!"). Therefor shutting out most light in the area. Then making another long series of handsigns he will set the ball on Fire ("Katon!"). Using willpower alone he will set the blazing ball onto his opponent. Kyuudaime will then make a Sand Nimbus Cloud and escape into the Sky. Though it will take sometime for it reach the ground. But when connected it will cause a catastrophic devastation leveling an entire area. After the explosion, the extreme heat from the Fire blast will mold the Sand into glass, ironically glassing the entire area. The case of escaping is most unlikely, though the slightest chance that an opponent does escape, they will not be unscathed. Though the power and cost of this jutsu, the Kyuudaime will only use this if all hope is lost.

Name: Bloody Rain
Rank: B
Element: Earth (Sand)

Description: This jutsu was utilized by the Kyuudaime Kazekage. If by some chance an opponent were to escape the Ryusa Bakuryu (Quicksand in the Style of a Waterfall) then while the entire ground is covered with Sand, the Kyuudaime will manipulate the Sand to make small like needle sized Sand weapons to shoot upward from the ground. Likely badly injuring the opponent or killing him.

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