The leader's office

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The leader's office

Post by Itachi Uchiha on Thu Aug 21, 2008 4:52 pm

Itachi found himself in the Rain village. It had been a long time coming, he needed to take his place as the leader. But he was a man of mystery to the outside world at least. He had secured this place sometime now, but just didn't bother to make an appearance. "Countries torn by war are the easiest to manipulate. That's if you give the people hope that his. And I am their hope, i will be the leader of this village. But no one can know who i am. So i will need a disguise of some sort". Itachi said as he took his seat in the leader's office. Itachi had on the Rain village's headband. With the bottom half of his face covered by a mask. And his eye covered with special glasses.

His appearance was enough to fool anyone. He was no longer wearing the Akatsuki cloak or the straw hat. And his sharingan was covered by the special glasses. He wore one disguise by day ad another by night so to speak. he was dressed totally different from before and his disguise would work under these circumstances. He also used this time to alter the sound of his voice completely. "Its time to get down to business". Itachi said as he looked outside. "I can't call myself itachi now. They will refer to me what they always referred to me as. Yuudai, their leader". Yuudai said with a smirk under his mask. he had other things to set up also, like an Akatsuki headquarters in the Rain village. It was a strategic location.
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