cruz training

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cruz training

Post by cruzazul313 on Mon Aug 18, 2008 5:28 pm

it has been about 2 hours since cruz started training. '' huff huff'' cruz hits the tree again at full force. '' ahhhhhhhh'' cruz yells in pain as a splinter enterd his foot. '' ah man now i got take this thing out" before he took the splinter out he hears something in the trees. " show your self or face the rath of cruz uchiha!'' no response came" thinking it was a enemy cruz used the Great Fire Ball Technique on the tree. as the tree caught on fire he noticed no one was in the tree. cruz got his swords out and yelled '' i know your here!'' still no response. as cruz was about continue his training he heard something in the shadows say '' come here'' cruz carfully scaned the area. no one was there. '' theres only one thing to do'' cruz said. ''SHARIGAN'' cruz activated sharigan he seen no one. but some animals. cruz continued his intese traning
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